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Little About Our Self….


We are an international trading company with professional and experienced staff. Our expertise in sourcing, supply chain management, and quality assurance ensures the delivery of quality products meeting the expectations of our clients at a competitive price.


Our main objective is to introduce our unique agriculture-based products originated in Sri Lanka, to the world market. In fact, Sri Lanka has always been famous for premium-quality spices, Tea, and herbs. In addition, we have our own traditional indigenous medicine system called “Hela Vedakama” which passed down invaluable herbal recipes from generation to generation. We are very much keen on developing and introducing those ancient herbal recipes to the modern markets in the form of food supplements.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Our Virgin Coconut oil is extracted from handpicked high quality fresh organic coconuts from small farmers. The white flesh of the coconut is dried, cold pressed within 48 hours from harvest.

Super Food Moringa

It helps in boosting energy levels in a natural manner, which is long lasting. It’s also found to heal ulcers. Restrict tumors, reduce arthritis pain and inflammation and control blood pressure.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Sri Lanka, the only supplier of true cinnamon to the world, had been a global destination for the finest quality spices since time immemorial.

Pure Bee Honey

Honey naturally contains nutrients and enzymes that have a wide range of health benefits, not only a food condiment. Consume honey responsibly and reap the numerous health benefits of this liquid gold.